Commercial Heating Solutions

Find out about our commercial heating solutions to help your business.

Commercial Heating Solutions

Find out about our commercial heating solutions to help your business.

Business Energy Savings

At Smarter Control we understand the complexities of your light commercial heating needs. These projects can present various challenges including ensuring adequate communication over large floor spaces and footprints, adapting your user interface to suit your end users and complex occupancy patterns and profiles.

We have a variety of tools at our disposal to help us understand your energy use and where you could be saving. This essentially boils down to detecting occupancy and optimising your heating profile to maximise comfort while minimising waste.

In our design phase we will work within your budget to design you a bespoke system that will offer the most energy efficient and best value solution for your business.

When implementing your chosen system, we are sympathetic to the needs of your business, and aim to carry out installation, commissioning and hand over of your system with minimal disruption to your business and your employees.


When you Smarter Control, we’ll start by getting to know your business via a consultation. Typically this happens over the phone and enables our engineers to understand how your organisation utilises fuel to keep your business operational. This is a free consultation and you are not obligated to follow our advice.


After providing our findings we will explore options to reduce your energy costs and maximise savings with tailored and holistic solutions for your organisation. We work together and find smarter heating solutions, so you make maximum savings with minimum disruption to your company so you and your employees can remain effective. We aim to find a solution to meet your budget and there are typically a variety of options to choose from.


Once a system and solution has been designed, one of our insured and qualified technicians will complete the installation at a convenient time for you and your business. There aim to ensure there is minimum disruption to your business. We thoroughly test the system and will provide training to key personnel so you understand your new system and how to best utilise the functionality.

After Sales Support

As well as offering a money back guarantee we have an after sales process so you can rely on our qualified expertise should you have any questions or require maintenance support.

Let’s Chat!

We would be delighted to discuss the various heating control options available for your business to help reduce your energy costs.  We can help make your business more efficient, saving you money in the process.

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