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Do you want more control over your heating? Would you like to reduce the cost of your energy bills and even heat individual rooms within your home to different temperatures? We have the answer...

Home Heating From A Mobile Device

Smarter Control are a UK based company, serving Scotland, that specialise in smart heating controls. We have a broad and extensive knowledge of the current available digital heating solutions on the market and keep up to date with the latest products and technologies. We have no affiliation to a specific supplier and what makes us unique is our ability to understand your lifestyle and house and provide the best solution tailored to you.

You can enquire via our contact form to speak to our experienced and friendly team about the best smart heating application for your home. We complete a free energy consultation and can make recommendations on solutions which will meet your needs.

For more information, please get in touch and we will be delighted to discuss solutions which will help give you back control of your energy cost, saving you money in the process.

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Let’s start at the beginning…

From your initial contact with the Smarter Control team we aim to make your experience as enjoyable and beneficial as possible. If you’re interested in doing your part for the environment and want the added advantage of increasing comfort in your home, we’ve got you covered. We have a simple process that allows us to provide the best system for you.


Once you’ve contacted Smarter Control, we’ll arrange a consultation. This is usually carried out over the phone and lets us learn about your existing heating system and how you use your house. This is carried out free of charge and carries no obligation.


Once we have learned about your current heating system, we can get to work putting together a design for your smart heating controls. There are a variety of options and price points, so we will discuss these with you.


Once you have decided on a system, one of our insured and qualified technicians will carry out the installation at a time that is convenient to you. Once the system has been thoroughly tested, we will help you to understand and set-up your new system.

After Sales Support

We offer full after sales support to ensure you are getting the most from your system. We also offer a money back guarantee…

Home Heating

We have been helping businesses with their commercial heating solutions since inception. At Smarter Control we provide a free energy review as well as our bill crunching recommendations. Challenge us to bring your commercial energy costs down.

Commercial Heating

We have been helping businesses with their commercial heating solutions since inception. At Smarter Control we provide a free energy review as well as our bill crunching recommendations. Challenge us to bring your commercial energy costs down.


One of the main reasons that people are fitting smart controls to their houses is to reduce their bills. Smart heating controls can save you up to 40% on your energy bills.


CO2 Emissions and climate change are a growing concern for most people. By more intelligently controlling the heating in your home, you can reduce your CO2 emissions by up to 40%.


Smart heating controls more evenly distribute the heat around your home, and ensure that your home is warm in the areas you need, when you need.


Our systems can integrate with almost any existing heating set up, old or new. No need to replace your boiler.


All of our smart heating controls can be controlled from anywhere any time with your smart phone on a heating app and all work with both Apple’s iOS and Android.


Our solutions can be retrofitted with minimal disruption. No need for messy rewiring, plumbing or decorating.

Calculate Your Savings

Select your size of property to see how much money you could save based on independent research and average consumption.

Home Energy Costs Reduce Bill

1-2 Bedroom Property

Heating bills: £66/month – £792/year

Install cost: £350

Savings: Hive estimate around 15 – 30% SAVING £118.80 – £237.60/year

Get Your Tailored Savings

House Energy Smart Heating

3-4 Bedroom Property

Heating bills: £101.50/month, £1218/year

Install cost: £925

Savings: Tado claim 31% –  £365/year

Get Your Tailored Savings

Home Heating Save Money

5 Bedroom Property

Heating bills: £137/month – £1644/year

Install cost: £1312

Savings: £493.20 per year

Get Your Tailored Savings

Our Support In Numbers

We’re always delighted when we are get the chance to provide a heating solution which will reduce carbon emissions, save our customer money and give them back control of their home or business. Regardless if you’re a residential or commercial customer, we always try to exceed your expectations and deliver an unbeatable service.


£72,000 – Money Saved With Our Heating Controls


450 Tonnes of CO2 Saved


96% Would Recommend Our Service To A Friend / Family member


98% Customer Satisfaction Rating Following Our Installation

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At Smarter Control we find affordable solutions to help heat your home effectively. Whether you want to heat specific rooms or wish to have the ability to heat your home from an app, we can do it all.

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